The Armory Shooter Supply

We have expanded!   

We've opened another location in Kirkland, Washington. 

In  partnership with Optimum Performance Motorsports, we are now offering  sales of new and used firearms, accessories, and ammo in a retail  location.  We can also handle private party transfers and internet  transfers/orders at the lowest prices in the area. 

Our original location in Berthoud still offers the same great services and flexible hours to meet your needs!

Located  in Berthoud, and convenient to Longmont, Loveland,  and Northern  Colorado from Fort Collins to Broomfield, we are your local 01 FFL and  Class 3 NFA dealer specializing in person to person transfers, internet  sales and transfers, new and used guns, ammo and accessories.

We  can also help with all your Class 3 NFA needs and we can sell or facilitate the transfer of items such as suppressors, short barreled  rifles and shotguns, machine guns, and AOW's (Any Other Weapons).