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Rules and procedures to purchase a NFA item have changed!  Details on how to purchase are below, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

NFA items are only for sale at our Colorado location.  We can ship and transfer any NFA item to a class 3 dealer in Washington!



What is the process for purchasing an NFA item?

There  are 3 ways to purchase NFA items.  You can purchase them as yourself,   as a Corporation, or you can purchase through a Trust.

How do I purchase as myself?

To  purchase as yourself, you will need to jump through a few hoops.  But  it's not too bad and actually easier than it's ever been before.

1.  Purchase your selected NFA item. (Either through us or through an online vendor)

2.  Notify us that you are purchasing as yourself and we will start your paperwork and show you what else you need.

3.   Have a passport photo taken (2 photos), get finger printed (2  copies) (your local law enforcement office can do this and provide the  correct card for the fingerprints), $200 for the Bureau of Alcohol,  Tobacco, and Firearms NFA  Branch, and bring these items in to us when  you're ready to start your paperwork.

4.  We will file your Form 4 paperwork and submit it on your behalf.

5.  Wait...Wait...Wait...

6.   In approximately 6-9 months, we'll call you when your paperwork has  been approved and a tax stamp has been provided for your NFA item!

Purchasing  as an individual is the easiest method currently.  Purchasing through a  trust was easier when the law required that you obtain Chief Law  Enforcement Officer approval.  Now, the only thing required is to notify  your Chief Law Enforcement Officer instead of asking for his/her  approval.

How do I purchase as a Corporation or Trust?

When  you purchase NFA items as a Corporation or Trust, you are doing so to  allow "movement" of said NFA items to employees and trustees of the  Corporation or Trust.  For individuals who want to share their NFA items  with friends, family members, or employees, this is a good option as  trustees and employees are legally able to posses these items.  When  filing as an individual, no other person may be in possession of the NFA  items without the individual present.

1.  Purchase your selected NFA item.

2   Provide us with your Trust or Corporation's articles of incorporation.

3.   Just like filing as an individual, you will need to obtain 2 x passport  photos and 2 fingerprints cards, for all trustees listed on your  Schedule B of your Trust or Responsible Parties for your Corporation.

3. Bring  a check or your credit card information for $200 and we will complete  and file your Form 4 to the ATF's NFA branch for processing.

4.  Wait...Wait...Wait...

6.   In approximately 6-9 months, we'll call you when your paperwork has  been approved and a tax stamp has been provided for your NFA item!

Which method should I use to purchase an NFA item?

It  really depends on what you plan to do with your NFA items.  Are you  going to be the only person using them or will you always be present  when they are being used?  If so, filing as an individual will be the  quickest and easiest method since you don't have to track down trustees  or employees information, passport photos, and fingerprint cards.  If  you want flexibility in who can be in possession of your NFA items, a  Corporation or Trust will legally allow other people to be in possession  of your NFA items without you present.  In addition, a Trust or  Corporation will legally define who will receive the NFA items in the  event of your death.

How do I get a Trust and which is the best?

A  Trust can be obtained in many ways.  The one thing it must have is the  legalese to be able to be upheld in a court of law.  As such, a lawyer  is a great place to start.  There are even lawyers who specialize in NFA  trusts.  When consulting with a lawyer, expect to pay between $200 -  $500+.  Other options are NFA trust templates provided by online  companies or other NFA dealers.  Expect to pay between $100-$300 for  these templates.  Remember that Trusts are state specific so be sure  that what you purchase is legal in your state.  Some states require a  notary, some require specific verbiage regarding trustees, etc...

If you do not have a Trust, and want to purchase a NFA item from us via a Trust, we will provide a template free of charge!

This  will help save you time and money when purchasing an NFA item from us!   We will also walk you through the process and handle all your paperwork  for you.

*Please remember...I am not a lawyer.  For specific questions regarding your situation, please consult a lawyer.