The Armory Shooter Supply


  • Washington State transfers - $35 for the 1st firearm, $10 for each additional.  Tax is collected on the purchase price of the firearm.
  • Colorado transfers - $25 for the 1st firearm, $10 for each additional.  Includes CBI fee
  • NFA Transfers -  $60 If you need to transfer an NFA item from an out of state or online  dealer.  There is no charge for NFA items purchased through us.
  • Firearm Shipping  - $35 for handguns, $50 for long guns.  Price includes standard  shipping charges.  Additional fees for large or heavy firearms.  If you  have sold your firearm on an online auction site or to a person out of  state; or if you are sending your firearm back to the manufacturer for  repair, we can help you ship it.
  • Consignments and appraisals - 10% of the sale price
  • Online purchases  - We can order you any gun, parts, accessories and ammo through one of  our many distributors.  Any guns purchased through us will only be  charged the CBI fee.
  • Handgun sight replacement - Free replacement for sights purchased through us, for sights purchased elsewhere:  $40
  • Minor gunsmithing - Price on request.  Standard labor is $60 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do person to person transfers work?

Just  call to schedule an appointment.  We're available evenings, weekends  and can accommodate most schedules.  Transfers usually take about 20  mins depending on volume of background checks currently being conducted  by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  If there is a gun show, or  other large event, the wait could be slightly longer.

Please  make sure the seller and buyer both have current Colorado drivers  licenses or other approved government ID's.  If you are unsure of your  ID or you just moved and are unsure what you need, just ask.  We can  walk you through the process.


What are your hours?

We  are a home based FFL so we operate by appointment only.  Please call  before coming and schedule a time and date for your transfer or to pick  up your firearms or accessories.

How do internet purchase transfers work?
If  you find a gun on Gunbroker, Gunsamerica, or any other online gun  dealer (or even an out of state gun shop), we can accept delivery of  your firearm and conduct your background check.  Just contact us and let  us know that you are interested in purchasing a firearm with "X" vendor  and we will make sure they have our FFL and shipping address.  Once the  firearm arrives, you will receive a call and we can schedule your  background check.  Again, feel free to call us to discuss the details  and we can walk you through the process.